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    [svn-r10801] ROMIO: error checking for MPI_Comm and MPI_Info objects · 47754bc5
    David Goodell authored
    1). There was error checking on the comm object in
        MPI_Comm_test_inter(comm, &flag); So if the return value of
        MPI_Comm_test_inter is not MPI_SUCCESS, then the comm is either an
        invalid MPI_Comm handle or intercommunicator handle.
    2). A new macro MPIO_CHECK_INFO is added into adioi_error.h. It will
        call MPI_Info_dup, unless there is no more memory space left , as
        long as the info object is valid, this function will return
        MPI_SUCCESS; or it will return an error code. So by checking the
        return value of MPI_Info_dup, we could achieve the purpose of
        checking MPI_Info handles.
    Based on patch 0006 from the second round of IBM's error checking
    patches.  Replaces 0009 from the first round and augments r10637.