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    Change errflag to be an enum · 3850e6bf
    Wesley Bland authored
    The errflag value being used in the MPIC helper functions only
    propagated whether or not an error occurred. It did not contain any
    information about what kind of error occurred, which made returning the
    correct error code after a process failure impossible.
    This patch converts the binary value to an enum with three options:
    The original use of TRUE and false maps to MPIR_ERR_NONE and
    MPIR_ERR_PROC_FAILED indicates that the error occurred
    because of a process failure. It uses the new bit set aside from the tag
    space to track such information between processes.
    This change required modifying lots of function signatures and type
    declarations to use the new enum type, but these are actually not very
    intrusive changes and shouldn't be a problem going forward.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarHuiwei Lu <huiweilu@mcs.anl.gov>