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    Simplify code: not using flag MPIDI_CH3_PKT_FLAG_RMA_IMMED_RESP for GACC/FOP. · 344bf958
    Xin Zhao authored
    Flag MPIDI_CH3_PKT_FLAG_RMA_IMMED_RESP is used to tell the target
    if the response packet of current GET, GACC and FOP should use
    IMMED packet type. We use IMMED packet type only when
    origin/target/result datatypes are all basic types.
    Since the target does not know origin/result datatypes, origin
    process needs to set a flag to inform the target.
    However, this usage is redundant for GACC and FOP packets. The
    reason is that, when we use IMMED packet type for GACC/FOP packets,
    origin/target/result datatypes must be basic types,
    in such case, we must use IMMED packet type for response packets
    as well, and usage of MPIDI_CH3_PKT_FLAG_RMA_IMMED_RESP and
    related code is not necessary. In short,
    flag MPIDI_CH3_PKT_FLAG_RMA_IMMED_RESP is useful only for GET operation.
    Signed-off-by: Pavan Balaji's avatarPavan Balaji <balaji@anl.gov>