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    Re-organize progress engine functions. · 1962d3b1
    Xin Zhao authored
    Rewrite progress engine functions as following:
    Basic functions:
    (1) check_target_state: check to see if we can switch target state,
        issue synchronization messages if needed.
    (2) issue_ops_target: issue al pending operations to this target.
    (3) check_window_state: check to see if we can switch window state.
    (4) issue_ops_win: issue all pending operations on this window.
        Currently it internally calls check_target_state and
        issue_ops_target, it should be optimized in future.
    Progress making functions:
    (1) Make_progress_target: make progress on one target, which
        internally call check_target_state and issue_ops_target.
    (2) Make_progress_win: make progress on all targets on one window,
        which internally call check_window_state and issue_ops_win.
    (3) Make_progress_global: make progress on all windows, which
        internally call make_progress_win.
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