Commit cec85679 authored by Nicolas's avatar Nicolas Committed by GitHub

Correct subroutine bin_rd1_mesh for cray machines

Cray patch correction in subroutine bin_rd1_mesh was missing.
parent fa0faaee
......@@ -2369,6 +2369,8 @@ c-----------------------------------------------------------------------
mid = gllnid(eg)
e = gllel (eg)
! tag for sending and receiving changed from global (eg) to local (e) element number
! to avoid problems with MPI_TAG_UB on CRAY
#ifdef DEBUG
if (nio.eq.0.and.mod(eg,niop).eq.0) write(6,*) eg,' mesh read'
......@@ -2376,20 +2378,20 @@ c-----------------------------------------------------------------------
if(ierr.eq.0) then
call byte_read (buf,nwds,ierr)
call csend(eg,ierr,len1,mid,0)
if(ierr.eq.0) call csend(eg,buf,len,mid,0)
call csend(e,ierr,len1,mid,0)
if(ierr.eq.0) call csend(e,buf,len,mid,0)
call csend(eg,ierr,len1,mid,0)
call csend(e,ierr,len1,mid,0)
elseif ( then ! recv & process
call crecv (eg,ierr,len1)
call crecv (e,ierr,len1)
if(ierr.eq.0) then
call crecv (eg,buf,len)
call crecv (e,buf,len)
call buf_to_xyz (buf,e,ifbswap,ierr2)
elseif (mid.eq.nid.and.nid.eq.0) then ! read & process
if(ierr.eq.0) then
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