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# == Source and destination directories ============================================================
VPATH := @srcdir@/Nek5000/core:@srcdir@/Nek5000/core/cmt:@srcdir@/Nek5000/core/3rd_party:@srcdir@/Nek5000/jl
srcdir := @srcdir@
builddir := @builddir@
nek_includedir := @builddir@/include
# == Discovered by autoconf script
nek_INCLUDES := -I$(builddir) -I$(nek_includedir) -I$(srcdir)/Nek5000/core -I$(srcdir)/Nek5000/core/cmt -I$(srcdir)/Nek5000/core/3rd_party -I$(srcdir)/Nek5000/jl
nek_LIBS := @LIBS@
nek_FFLAGS := @FFLAGS@ @FCFLAGS_f@ $(subst -D, @FC_DEFINE@, @DEFS@) $(nek_INCLUDES)
nek_FLIBS := @FLIBS@
nek_debug_flags := @nek_debug_flags@
nek_opt_flags := @nek_opt_flags@
nek_real8_flags := @nek_real8_flags@
jl_prefix := @jl_prefix@
# == FORTRAN objects ===============================================================================
nek_core_f_obj := $(addsuffix .$(obj-suffix), \
drive1 drive2 plan4 bdry coef conduct connect1 connect2 \
dssum edgec eigsolv gauss genxyz navier1 makeq navier0 \
navier2 navier3 navier4 prepost speclib map2 turb mvmesh ic \
ssolv planx mxm_wrapper hmholtz gfdm_par gfdm_op gfdm_solve \
subs1 subs2 genbox gmres hsmg convect induct perturb navier5 \
navier6 navier7 navier8 fast3d fasts calcz postpro \
cvode_driver vprops qthermal cvode_aux makeq_aux papi nek_in_situ \
readat_new @CASENAME@)
nek_math_obj := $(addsuffix .$(obj-suffix), math)
nek_blas_obj := $(addsuffix .$(obj-suffix), @nek_blas_obj@) # blas.o | null
nek_cmt_obj := $(addsuffix .$(obj-suffix), @nek_cmt_obj@) # drive1_cmt.o ... | cmt_dummy.o
nek_lapack_obj := $(addsuffix .$(obj-suffix), @nek_lapack_obj@) # dsygv.o ssygv.o | null
nek_mpi_obj := $(addsuffix .$(obj-suffix), @nek_mpi_obj@) # byte_mpi.o comm_mpi.o | byte_mpi.o comm_mpi.o mpi_dummy.o
nek_mxm_obj := $(addsuffix .$(obj-suffix), @nek_mxm_obj@) # mxm_std.o | mxm_std.o mxm_bgq.o
nek_neknek_obj := $(addsuffix .$(obj-suffix), @nek_neknek_obj@) # singlmesh.o | multimesh.o
nek_flib_obj := $(nek_core_f_obj) $(nek_math_obj) $(nek_blas_obj) $(nek_cmt_obj) \
$(nek_lapack_obj) $(nek_mpi_obj) $(nek_mxm_obj) $(nek_neknek_obj)
# == C objects =====================================================================================
nek_core_c_obj := $(addsuffix .$(obj-suffix), \
byte chelpers nek_comm finiparser iniparser dictionary)
jl_core_obj := $(patsubst %, $(jl_prefix)%.$(obj-suffix), \
gs sort sarray_transfer sarray_sort gs_local crystal comm tensor fail fcrystal)
jl_interp_obj := $(patsubst %, $(jl_prefix)%.$(obj-suffix), \
findpts findpts_local obbox poly lob_bnd findpts_el_3 findpts_el_2)
jl_cgs_obj := $(patsubst %, $(jl_prefix)%.$(obj-suffix), @jl_cgs_obj@)
nek_clib_obj := $(nek_core_c_obj) $(jl_core_obj) $(jl_interp_obj) $(jl_cgs_obj)
# == MOOSE app flags and objects ==================================================================
# Recursive definition (= rather than :=) is probably the right usage, since they're probably
# defined here after they're referenced by MOOSE makefile
ADDITIONAL_CPPFLAGS = @CPPFLAGS@ # Used by pattern rules in moose/framework/
# Can't use Nek's DEFS here because the interfere with MOOSE
ADDITIONAL_INCLUDES = $(nek_INCLUDES) # Used by pattern rules in moose/framework/ (through app_INCLUDES)
ADDITIONAL_LIBS = $(nek_LIBS) $(nek_FLIBS) # Used during linking in moose/framework/
ADDITIONAL_APP_OBJECTS = $(nek_flib_obj) $(nek_clib_obj) # Added to dependencies in moose/framework/
# == Rules =========================================================================================
$(nek_core_f_obj) $(nek_cmt_obj) $(nek_math_obj) $(nek_mxm_obj): %.$(obj-suffix): %.f SIZE
@echo "Nek5000 Compiling Fortran (in "$(METHOD)" mode) "$<"..."
@$(libmesh_LIBTOOL) --tag=F77 $(LIBTOOLFLAGS) --mode=compile --quiet \
$(libmesh_F77) $(nek_FFLAGS) $(nek_real8_flags) -c $< -o $@
$(nek_mpi_obj) $(nek_neknek_obj): %.$(obj-suffix): %.f SIZE mpiheader
@echo "Nek5000 Compiling Fortran (in "$(METHOD)" mode) "$<"..."
@$(libmesh_LIBTOOL) --tag=F77 $(LIBTOOLFLAGS) --mode=compile --quiet \
$(libmesh_F77) $(nek_FFLAGS) $(nek_real8_flags) -c $< -o $@
$(nek_core_c_obj): %.$(obj-suffix): %.c
@echo "Nek5000 Compiling C (in "$(METHOD)" mode) "$<"..."
@$(libmesh_LIBTOOL) --tag=CC $(LIBTOOLFLAGS) --mode=compile --quiet \
$(libmesh_CC) $(nek_CPPFLAGS) $(nek_CFLAGS) -MMD -MP -MF $@.d -MT $@ -c $< -o $@
$(jl_core_obj) $(jl_interp_obj) $(jl_cgs_obj): $(jl_prefix)%.$(obj-suffix): %.c
@echo "Nek5000 Compiling C (in "$(METHOD)" mode) "$<"..."
@$(libmesh_LIBTOOL) --tag=CC $(LIBTOOLFLAGS) --mode=compile --quiet \
$(libmesh_CC) $(nek_CPPFLAGS) $(nek_CFLAGS) -MMD -MP -MF $@.d -MT $@ -c $< -o $@
mpiheader: | $(nek_includedir)
ifneq ($(findstring mpi_dummy.o, $(nek_mpi_obj)),)
cp $(srcdir)/Nek5000/core/mpi_dummy.h $(nek_includedir)/mpif.h
rm -rf $(srcdir)/Nek5000/core/mpif.h $(nek_includedir)/mpif.h
$(objdir) $(nek_includedir):
mkdir -p $@
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