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This will download and populate the src/moose and src/moose/libmesh.
Building PETSc
MOON requires PETSc, as described in the [MOOSE installation instructions]( PETSc is not distributed with MOON. PETSc must either be compiled from source or installed as part of the MOOSE Environment package. After installing PETSc, you must define the `$PETSC_DIR` variable in your environment.
Building libmesh
MOON also requires libmesh, as described in the [MOOSE installation instructions]( The libmesh source code is distributed with MOOSE. It should be compiled using the following scripts:
$ cd moose/
$ scripts/update\_and\_rebuild\
After installing libmesh, you must define the `$LIBMESH_DIR` in your environment.
Building and Running the Example Problems
MOON is distributed with scripts for building and runninhg coupled example problems. To build and run a given example (e.g.: "integration\_example"), use the following commands:
$ cd examples/integration_example/
$ ../../scripts/
$ ../../scripts/
Note that the build and run scripts must be executed from the example subdiretory.
Developing Nek5000 in MOON
Developers may freely modify src/Nek5000 as if it were a normal part of the MOON repo. This is because Nek5000 is included as a Git subtree (rather than a submodule). For routine commits, pushes, and pulls to the MOON repository, no extra Git commands are necessary.
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