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Updated build system to use NEKMOOSE, nek_moose.f

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......@@ -10,10 +10,13 @@ Requirements
Giraffe requires the MOOSE environment (including PETSc, libmesh, and MOOSE). This can be installed according to the [MOOSE installation instructions]( After installation you must define the following environment variables:
* `LIBMESH_DIR`: The top-level directory of your libmesh installation. If you follow the MOOSE installation instructions, this should already be set in your environment. A typical command is:
``` Shell
export $LIBMESH_DIR="$HOME/projects/moose/libmesh/installed"
* `MOOSE_DIR`: The top-level directory of your MOOSE installation. For Giraffe, this must be additionally set in your environment. A typical command is:
``` Shell
export $MOOSE_DIR="$HOME/projects/moose/"
......@@ -29,6 +32,7 @@ Giraffe must be separately compiled for each specific problem, since Nek5000 use
3. In the subdirctory for the example problem, run `make`.
The complete steps for the `integration_example` problem are:
``` Shell
$ cd giraffe
$ ./bootstrap
......@@ -55,6 +59,7 @@ $ ../../giraffe-opt -i coefficient_integration.i
The Giraffe executable is output to the top-level Giraffe directory (in this case, `giraffe/giraffe-opt`) but must be run in the example subdirectory. To run the simulation, use:
``` Shell
$ cd examples/integration example/
$ ../../giraffe-opt -i coefficient_integration.i
# == Source and destination directories ============================================================
VPATH := @srcdir@/Nek5000/core:@srcdir@/Nek5000/core/cmt:@srcdir@/Nek5000/core/3rd_party:@srcdir@/Nek5000/jl
VPATH := @srcdir@/Nek5000/core:@srcdir@/Nek5000/core/cmt:@srcdir@/Nek5000/core/3rd_party:@srcdir@/Nek5000/jl:@srcdir@/src_nek
srcdir := @srcdir@
builddir := @builddir@
nek_objdir := @builddir@/nek_obj
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ nek_includedir := @builddir@/include
# == Discovered by autoconf script
nek_INCLUDES := -I$(builddir) -I$(nek_includedir) -I$(srcdir)/Nek5000/core -I$(srcdir)/Nek5000/core/cmt -I$(srcdir)/Nek5000/core/3rd_party -I$(srcdir)/Nek5000/jl
nek_INCLUDES := -I$(builddir) -I$(nek_includedir) -I$(srcdir)/Nek5000/core -I$(srcdir)/Nek5000/core/cmt -I$(srcdir)/Nek5000/core/3rd_party -I$(srcdir)/Nek5000/jl -I$(srcdir)/src_nek
nek_LIBS := @LIBS@
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ nek_core_f_obj := $(addprefix $(nek_objdir)/, $(addsuffix .$(obj-suffix), \
subs1 subs2 genbox gmres hsmg convect induct perturb navier5 \
navier6 navier7 navier8 fast3d fasts calcz postpro \
cvode_driver vprops qthermal cvode_aux makeq_aux papi nek_in_situ \
readat_new @CASENAME@))
readat_new nek_moose @CASENAME@))
nek_math_obj := $(addprefix $(nek_objdir)/, $(addsuffix .$(obj-suffix), math))
nek_blas_obj := $(addprefix $(nek_objdir)/, $(addsuffix .$(obj-suffix), @nek_blas_obj@)) # blas.o | null
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