Commit 1be529db authored by Ron Rahaman's avatar Ron Rahaman

Merge branch 'develop' into 'develop'

build script creates dummy include/ and src/ dirs

The MOOSE build script expects a couple of subdirectories in the app directory (include/base and src/).  These aren't available in the Nek+MOOSE example directories, so the MOOSE build script will throw some (harmless) warnings.  The changes to the build script will create empty include/base and src/ directories if those don't already exist.

See merge request !8
parents a4644e23 777a501e
......@@ -2,6 +2,11 @@
NEK_CASENAME="$(basename $(pwd))"
NEK_SOURCE_DIR="$(dirname $(dirname $(pwd)))/Nek5000"
# MOOSE issues a warning if these directories do not exist.
# Creating these dirs will suppress that warning
mkdir -p src
mkdir -p include/base
if [ -e $SCH_FILE ]; then
echo "Deleting $SCH_FILE..."
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