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......@@ -53,9 +53,14 @@ The `configure` script may be run with additional options (for example, to point
To run an example problem, it is recommended to use the convenience script `moon/examples/build_coupled_nek`. This script will automatically setup some input files needed by Nek5000 (such as SESSION.NAME). The script takes one command-line argument for the MOOSE configuration file, `-i <config_file>.i`.
$ cd moon/examples/integration_example
$ ../../scripts/ -i coefficient_integration.i
$ ../../moon-integration-example-opt -i coefficient_integration.i
Linking to libmoon
The MOON libraries are output to the top-level lib/ directory.
Developing Nek5000 in MOON
Developers may freely modify src/Nek5000 as if it were a normal part of the MOON repo. This is because Nek5000 is included as a Git subtree (rather than a submodule). For routine commits, pushes, and pulls to the MOON repository, no extra Git commands are necessary.
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