Commit e1672cdb authored by Stefan Kerkemeier's avatar Stefan Kerkemeier
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clean up unsupported elementTypes

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......@@ -35,22 +35,20 @@ void ellipticPreconditioner(elliptic_t* elliptic, occa::memory &o_r, occa::memor
const dlong Nlocal = mesh->Np * mesh->Nelements;
timer::tic("preconditioner", 1);
if(options.compareArgs("PRECONDITIONER", "JACOBI")) {
elliptic->dotMultiplyKernel(Nlocal, elliptic->Ntotal, o_r, precon->o_invDiagA, o_z);
elliptic->dotMultiplyKernel(Nlocal, o_r, precon->o_invDiagA, o_z);
}else if (options.compareArgs("PRECONDITIONER", "MULTIGRID")) {
timer::tic("preconditioner", 1);
parAlmond::Precon(precon->parAlmond, o_z, o_r);
//ogsGatherScatter(o_z, ogsDfloat, ogsAdd, elliptic->ogs);
//elliptic->collocateKernel(mesh->Nelements*mesh->Np, elliptic->o_invDegree, o_z);
}else {
if(mesh->rank == 0) printf("ERRROR: Unknown preconditioner\n");
MPI_Abort(mesh->comm, 1);
if(elliptic->allNeumann) // zero mean of RHS
ellipticZeroMean(elliptic, o_z);
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