Commit 633d1d55 authored by Stefan's avatar Stefan
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add Stokes and steadyHeat eqntype to par

parent 8a46059f
......@@ -630,8 +630,14 @@ c set logical flags
call capit(c_out,132)
if (index(c_out,'STEADYSTOKES').eq.1) then
iftran = .false.
else if (index(c_out,'INCOMPNS').eq.1) then
ifadvc(1) = .false.
else if (index(c_out,'STOKES').eq.1) then
ifadvc(1) = .false.
else if (index(c_out,'STEADYHEAT').eq.1) then
iftran = .false.
ifflow = .false.
ifheat = .true.
ifadvc(2) = .false.
else if (index(c_out,'LOWMACHNS').eq.1) then
iflomach = .true.
else if (index(c_out,'INCOMPLINNS').eq.1 .or.
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