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......@@ -11,7 +11,32 @@ ann352625 N, Version 3.3, E98,782,067
- Notes
- DEM data from Yiqi (StarCCM++?)
- smaller edge collapse tol depends on geom + few local locations
- re2 is not in a regular Nek format. See userdat2 in user for proper boundary BC
- usr doesn't need dependencies (`my*.f`) if userchk is empty
- Geometries, pebble locations are stored at `ann350k.dat`
- Sphere Centers saved into `*txt` files
`pebble_centers_re2.txt`, sphere centers matched in re2
`pebble_centers_rad_1.txt`, after rescaled by `1.0/0.91945`
- To check what scale the txt files has, use the ``
For example, `python3 pebble_centers_re2.txt` will produce
Input file: pebble_centers_re2.txt
Nsph 352625
Xmin -82.2655
Xmax 82.2703
Ymin -82.2662
Ymax 82.2711
Zmin -60.1758
Zmax 60.3377
Rmin 24.1010
Rmax 82.3009
dtouch 1.997404 << min distance between any two spheres
dsep 1.999376 << "average" length to make each sphere touched by other 2.5 spheres
(`modulde load python` on Summit)
(It takes some time to compute dtouch)
dsep is about to 2, which makes sense for the radius=0.91945
- Geometry and BC in re2 file:
- linear mesh, no curved sides
......@@ -30,7 +30,16 @@ with open(fi,'r') as fh:
centers = np.fromfile(fh, sep=' ',dtype=float)
centers = centers.reshape((centers.size//3,3)); Nsph = centers.shape[0]
rad_cyl = np.sqrt(centers[:,0]**2+centers[:,1]**2)
print('Nsph %d'%Nsph)
print('Xmin %10.4f'%min(centers[:,0]))
print('Xmax %10.4f'%max(centers[:,0]))
print('Ymin %10.4f'%min(centers[:,1]))
print('Ymax %10.4f'%max(centers[:,1]))
print('Zmin %10.4f'%min(centers[:,2]))
print('Zmax %10.4f'%max(centers[:,2]))
print('Rmin %10.4f'%min(rad_cyl))
print('Rmax %10.4f'%max(rad_cyl))
# cheap pdist
def comp_dist(P):
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