1. 15 Aug, 2014 5 commits
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      scheduler fix for other networks (NOT torus, simplewan) · 0164aa2d
      Jonathan Jenkins authored
      Torus and simplewan each have problems precluding them from the current
      scheduling fix:
      - simplewan - each "device" has N input/output ports. It can't simply tell the
        scheduler when they are (it is?) idle because the scheduler doesn't know which
        packets go to which ports
      - torus - also has N input/output ports (two for each dimension). Also, the same
        routing "queue" (via the "next_link_available_time" var) is used for incoming
        and outgoing messages, so we can't guarantee the scheduler that we'll be
        available at time x (an incoming msg could arrive and then be routed at time
        x-1). This isn't a problem for the dragonfly network as terminals aren't
        intermediate routers. Ideally what needs to happen here is for the
        intermediate packets/chunks to be queued up in the scheduler.
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      scheduler - sched loop is callback-driven now (loggp only) · b3650ede
      Jonathan Jenkins authored
      - previously, packet issues were done without any consideration for device
        availability - within epsilon, preventing any meaningful scheduling
      - enabled for loggp only, other networks will be incorporated shortly
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      loggp message logging · 697f5d17
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      debug messages for scheduler · 2d9622cf
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  7. 31 Jul, 2014 4 commits
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      fix - pointer to local buffer escaped · 351a5de3
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      config overhaul + annotation-aware mapping · 4e19d940
      Jonathan Jenkins authored
      All configuration now proceeds on a per-LP level, and requires separate
      registration and configuration calls, as seen in the test programs.
      model_net_set_params is no longer used, and is replaced by model_net_register
      and model_net_configure. The dragonfly network, having two LP types bundled in
      the same code-path, is special-cased in the registration code.
      LP-mapping in model-net now has the following defaults:
      - counts via codes_mapping_get_lp_count are now with respect to the calling
        network LP's annotation.
      - when looking up network LPs via
        codes_mapping_get_lp_info/codes_mapping_get_lp_id, the annotation of the
        calling network LP is used. Hence, routing now occurs only between LPs of the
        same annotation. If the destination LP's group specified by model_net_*event
        does not contain a modelnet LP with the same annotation as the modelnet LP in
        the sender's group, then an error will occur (in codes_mapping).
      Known Issues:
      - modelnet users currently cannot specify which modelnet LP to use in the case
        of multiple modelnet LPs in the sender's group. This will be fixed in future
        commits after a consensus is reached on the best way to expose this
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