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0.5.2 (July 13, 2016)
Summer of CODES was another huge success!
This update adds the commit function to the CODES models, representing an
update to the latest version of ROSS (d3bdc07)
Summer of CODES was another huge success! This release was created during the
the ROSS "commit" function was added to the CODES models from the latest
version of ROSS (d3bdc07)
the pkg-config program is properly checked for, resulting in an error if it
is not found.
the "configfile" API has been promoted to a public API, allowing more flexible
management of configuration entities. It is currently undocumented.
remove overly-restrictive assert from dragonfly
enabled max wait time stat in MPI replay
print an error message if pending waits never processed in MPI replay
the mapping context API gained a new mapping method, which uses the ratio of
mapped-from to mapped-to entities to map contiguous mapped-from IDs.
0.5.1 (June 09, 2016)
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