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## Source Code
A source archive is available here: [genericio-20190417.tar.gz](, or from git:
The most recent version of source is available by cloning this repo:
git clone
There is also a history of code [releases](
- [2019-04-17](
- [2017-09-25](
- [2016-08-29](
- [2016-04-12](
- [2015-06-08](
## Output file partitions (subfiles)
If you're running on an IBM BG/Q supercomputer, then the number of subfiles (partitions) chosen is based on the I/O nodes in an automatic way. Otherwise, by default, the GenericIO library picks the number of subfiles based on a fairly-naive hostname-based hashing scheme. This works reasonably-well on small clusters, but not on larger systems. On a larger system, you might want to set these environmental variables:
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## Alternative python module
[Click here to go to the README for the alternative python interface](new_python/
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