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updated ChangeLog for 3.0.0 release

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Darshan Release Change Log
* bug fix for determining minimum non-zero counters in
shared file reductions in all modules
* loosen Darshan's PMPI symbol check to prevent inadvertent
disabling of Darshan for some MPICH builds
* update runtime docs to give information on upgrading Darshan
* bug fix for resolving MPI_Gather and MPI_Barrier when LDPRELOADing
Darshan's shared libraries (reported by Richard Hedges and Rob Latham)
* add more helpful error handling when opening 2.x version log files
* port darshan-diff utility over to new log file format
* fix numerous configure bugs on Cray systems
* add synthetic benchmarking hooks for testing Darshan's shutdown
* add module-specific version fields to header to allow utilities
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