Commit 9e716a57 authored by Shane Snyder's avatar Shane Snyder
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skip building analyzer/converter for now

parent 9f202697
all: libdarshan-util.a darshan-analyzer darshan-convert darshan-parser
all: libdarshan-util.a darshan-parser
srcdir = @srcdir@
......@@ -66,7 +66,6 @@ static int darshan_log_get_posix_file(darshan_fd fd, void** psx_buf_p,
*file_rec = (void *)file;
*rec_id = file->f_id;
*psx_buf_p = (file + 1); /* increment input buf by size of file record */
//((struct darshan_posix_file *)(*psx_buf_p))++;
*bytes_left -= sizeof(struct darshan_posix_file);
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