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update ChangeLog for 3.0 pre-release

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Darshan-3.0.0-pre1 Darshan-3.0.0-pre1
============= =============
* new version of Darshan with the following features/improvements:
- hooks for developers to add their own instrumentation module
implementations to capture new I/O characterization data
- these instrumentation modules can be used to instrument new
I/O interfaces or gather system-specific parameters, for instance
- modularized log format allows new module-specific utilities to
access their I/O characterization data independently
- this new format also allows new counters to be added to existing
instrumentation modules without breaking existing utilities
- Darshan logs now contain a mapping of Darshan's unique record
identifiers to full file names, instead of fix-sized file name
- a new instrumentation module for capturing BG/Q-specific parameters
(BG/Q environment is automatically detected at configure time)
- new darshan-parser and darshan-job-summary output to utilize the
new modularized log format
* updated documentation outlining changes in this release, as well as
steps for adding new instrumentation modules is given in the top-level
'doc' directory.
- documentation for configuring and using the darshan-runtime and
darshan-util components are mostly the same and still located in
their respective directories ('darshan-runtime/doc' and 'darshan-util/doc')
darshan-2.3.1 darshan-2.3.1
============= =============
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