Commit 81aff3e1 authored by Philip Carns's avatar Philip Carns
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bug fix: stat() before open() should not set the device id for a file

record, because it conflicts with the device id calculated based on path

git-svn-id: 3b7491f3-a168-0410-bf4b-c445ed680a29
parent 6fde9d4b
......@@ -257,7 +257,6 @@ static char* clean_path(const char* path);
#define CP_RECORD_STAT(__file, __statbuf, __tm1, __tm2) do { \
if(!CP_VALUE((__file), CP_POSIX_STATS) && !CP_VALUE((__file), CP_POSIX_OPENS)){ \
CP_SET((__file), CP_DEVICE, (__statbuf)->st_dev); \
CP_SET((__file), CP_FILE_ALIGNMENT, (__statbuf)->st_blksize); \
CP_SET((__file), CP_SIZE_AT_OPEN, (__statbuf)->st_size); \
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