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rough notes on running regression tests on BG

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See README.txt for general instructions. This file contains notes for testing on the Blue Gene platform
(more specifically: This example assumes that you are using the MPICH profile conf
method to add instrumentation.
To run regression tests:
- compile and install both darshan-runtime and darshan-util in the same directory
# darshan runtime
../configure --with-mem-align=16 --with-log-path=/projects/SSSPPg/carns/darshan-logs --prefix=/home/carns/working/darshan/install-cetus --with-jobid-env=COBALT_JOBID --with-zlib=/soft/libraries/alcf/current/gcc/ZLIB --host=powerpc-bgp-linux CC=/bgsys/drivers/V1R2M2/ppc64/comm/bin/gcc/mpicc
make install
# darshan util
../configure --prefix=/home/carns/working/darshan/install
make install
- start a screen session by running "screen"
note: this is suggested because the tests may take a while to complete depending on scheduler
- within the screen session, set your path to point to a stock set of MPI compiler scripts
export PATH=/bgsys/drivers/V1R2M2/ppc64/comm/bin/gcc:$PATH
- run regression tests
./ /home/carns/working/darshan/install-cetus /projects/SSSPPg/carns/darshan-test bg-profile-conf
note: the f90 test is expected to fail due to a known problem in the profiling interface for the
F90 MPICH implementation on Mira.
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