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extended comments on darshan_file_runtime struct

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......@@ -97,6 +97,22 @@ enum posix_io_type
* assists with the instrumenting of specific statistics in the file record.
* 'hlink' is a hash table link structure used to add/remove this record
* from the hash table of POSIX file records for this process.
* RATIONALE: the POSIX module needs to track some stateful, volatile
* information about each open file (like the current file offset, most recent
* access time, etc.) to aid in instrumentation, but this information can't be
* stored in the darshan_posix_file struct because we don't want it to appear in
* the final darshan log file. We therefore associate a posix_file_runtime
* struct with each darshan_posix_file struct in order to track this information.
* NOTE: There is a one-to-one mapping of posix_file_runtime structs to
* darshan_posix_file structs.
* NOTE: The posix_file_runtime struct contains a pointer to a darshan_posix_file
* struct (see the *file_record member) rather than simply embedding an entire
* darshan_posix_file struct. This is done so that all of the darshan_posix_file
* structs can be kept contiguous in memory as a single array to simplify
* reduction, compression, and storage.
struct posix_file_runtime
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