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update changelog for 3.0.1 release

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Darshan Release Change Log
* bug fix in darshan logutil mount parsing code that was
causing file paths to be matched to the first mount point
with a common prefix rather than the one with the longest
common prefix
* bug fix in the darshan-util bzip2 configure check that
was accidentally overwriting Darshan's LDFLAGS
* minor bug fixes to IO start time counters in all modules
to set IO start time to the actual first start time rather
than the first IO op to complete
* update darshan-util perl scripts to get perl bin from
user's path, rather than from /usr/lib (reported by
Kay Thust)
* update Darshan's fortran and cxx compiler wrapper generators
to automatically detect MPICH library names on BG/Q
* fix bug that was calculating Darshan's agg_perf_by_slowest
performance metric incorrectly
* add performance estimate info to darshan-job-summary
* install darshan-null-log-format.h header when installing
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