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      Spec file for IOFWD. · 35f2973e
      Dries Kimpe authored
      Contributed by "Zhang, Jingwang" <Jingwang.Zhang@emc.com>.
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      Fix build quality test/autotest scripts · 901091ca
      Dries Kimpe authored
      - Update README in scripts dir
      - Revert "initial testing script implementation"
        This reverts commit 511a1dc7.
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      Disable protocol buffer requirement for FTB · afe59aca
      Dries Kimpe authored
      FTB service is not receiving further development,
      so disable for now.
      This commit removes the protocol buffer dependency
      (used only to encode the message being broadcasted over FTB)
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      Fix a race condition in state machine mode. · 4b6c71b1
      Zhang Jingwang authored
      Resuming an active state machine might lead to an assertion. So if
      it is an active state machine, we need to wait for it to complete
      first and then resume it.
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      Revert "Fix multi-thread problem in the "old" zoidfsclient." · 414a48b6
      Zhang Jingwang authored
      This reverts commit dad2e6309603cee63f8743b0199784ed90ec8a0f.
      The reverted patch is not the right fix. The problem should
      be properly fixed by reverting the patch who changed BMI_test
      to BMI_testcontext.
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      Revert "change zoidfs c client to use BMI_testcontext instead of BMI_test" · 394f7d3d
      Zhang Jingwang authored
      Using BMI_testcontext will break multi-threaded applications.
      This reverts commit 055c6757.
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      Revert "Fix for page cache issue from Gary" · 86837340
      Zhang Jingwang authored
      Previously, we found that when the memory is full of cached pages
      (even they are all clean) the performance will drop significantly.
      So we clear all cached pages when the file is closed.
      However now we found that the problem is in Linux kernel and it has
      been fixed in CentOS 6.2. So the previous patch is unnecessary if
      we avoid to use SLES 11.
      This reverts commit a62a6eea75041e7418f89e8d3dc6798ab67b254a.
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      Add performance counter to monitor write performance. · af5c4044
      Zhang Jingwang authored
      Five counters are added by this commit, here is the details:
      - write_sm: Counter on how many write state machine tasks are created.
        It will be increased by one when a new write request arrives.
      - write_sm_livetime: The duration from a specific write request is
        created to the time it is deleted.
      - write_sm_recvtime: The time duration spent to receive the data buffer
        from the client in a write request.
      - write_sm_waittime: The time duration spent in waiting for CPU in the
        task queue for every write request.
      - write_sm_fsiotime: The time duration spent in performing IO requests
        to the backend file system.
      This commit added a dumper thread to dump all the counters to std::cout
      periodically. You can start this thread by giving a positive number to
      "counters { dumpinterval = %% }" in the configure file.
      These counters could be enabled separately in the configure file, this
      commit also demonstrated how to do that.
      Change-Id: Ieaf4d1f6c2ed71e8c17d...
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      Using a Cray ThreadPool implementation as default · b616dabf
      Zhang Jingwang authored
      The old default thread pool will create lots of short-lived threads
      (and was the optimal one for BG/P systems running Zepto);
      However, on most other systems, this is not the optimal behaviour,
      especially under memory pressure.
      Switch default to Cray Threadpool implementation.
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