Commit d374176f authored by Zhang Jingwang's avatar Zhang Jingwang Committed by Dries Kimpe
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Fix file caching issue when file is deleted.

Release the dcache entry and close the file when it is deleted. So
that underlying resources could be released.
parent 2c72e8c7
......@@ -921,10 +921,20 @@ static int zoidfs_posix_remove(const zoidfs_handle_t *parent_handle,
char tmpbuf[ZOIDFS_PATH_MAX];
const char * path = zoidfs_simplify_path (parent_handle, component_name,
full_path, tmpbuf);
struct stat s;
if (!path)
// release open fd from cache.
if (lstat (path, &s) < 0)
return errno2zfs (errno);
if (S_ISREG(s.st_mode)) {
zoidfs_handle_t handle;
filename2handle (&s, path, &handle);
dcache_removefd(dcache, &handle);
// ignore component_name
if (unlink (path)< 0)
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