Commit 58015f34 authored by Dries Kimpe's avatar Dries Kimpe
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Fix files.fetch

parent 5d65391a
# Structure of this file:
# md5sum filename URL
15cb8c0803064faef0c4ddf5bc5ca279 boost.tar.bz2 .tar.bz2
3ad998bb26ac84ee7de262db94dd7656 openpa.tar.gz
# Version is broken!
#54d1323d1431311024c01a69913e7b0b bmi.tar.gz
82a8efe604a80c80d18dab76dfc13c38 bmi.tar.gz
15cb8c0803064faef0c4ddf5bc5ca279 boost.tar.bz2
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ function fetch_deps () {
echo -n "(fetching) "
# file doesn't exist; fetch it
rm -f "${CACHED}"
wget -q -O "${CACHED}" "${url}" || exit 1
wget -q -O "${CACHED}" "${url}" || exit 1
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