Commit 11ea3f49 authored by Dom Cote's avatar Dom Cote Committed by Dries Kimpe
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Extra '$' in causes build to fail

Make calls autoconf in some cases and the boggus extra "$" gets reintroduced into the configure script, despite the previous fix.
This will cause g++ to fail by supplying a boggus filename, which in turn will show as an error like "cannot compute the size of size_t".

I have traced it back to this file.
If removed, then one can execute $./configure ... followed by $make without bumping into the issue.

Change-Id: Ie65765c82bbbb7b8fa78303d7663504c3141cbee
parent 8fa3865f
......@@ -421,7 +421,7 @@ AC_CHECK_HEADER_DEFINE([<bmi.h>],[BMI_TCP_CHECK_UNEXPECTED],[],
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