Commit 20d809d3 authored by Philip Carns's avatar Philip Carns
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experimenting with cxx profile conf on mira

parent b589247c
......@@ -13,16 +13,16 @@ dyncheck2=$?
echo "${allargs[@]}" | grep "\\-dynamic" >& /dev/null
# try to detect name of libmpichcxx library needed for pmpi
# - these may be named with different suffixes to match the compiler version
D_MPI_PRELIB=`echo $LIBS |grep "\-lmpichcxx\-\\S\+" -o`
# Skip profiling if we know that dynamic linking is in use. See LD_PRELOAD
# method instead.
if [ "$dyncheck1" -ne 0 -a "$dyncheck2" -ne 0 -a "$dyncheck3" -ne 0 ]; then
# NOTE: there is something fragile here. We are relying on the BG mpicxx script to set a
# variable called $cxxlibs to the name of the libmpichcxx variant that we need in order
# to intercept pmpi calls
# Libraries (and paths) to include before the MPI library
export PROFILE_PRELIB="$D_MPI_PRELIB `$DARSHAN_PREFIX/bin/darshan-config --pre-ld-flags`"
export PROFILE_PRELIB="$cxxlibs `$DARSHAN_PREFIX/bin/darshan-config --pre-ld-flags`"
# Libraries to include after the MPI library
export PROFILE_POSTLIB=`$DARSHAN_PREFIX/bin/darshan-config --post-ld-flags`
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