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** Description **
This library implements a high-performance computation of the 64-bit
cyclic-redundancy check (CRC) of arbitrary input data. This implementation
requires only a C99 compiler, but has been tuned for the IBM BG/Q
supercomputer, and can take advantage of a compiler's OpenMP support to compute
the CRC in parallel on multiple cores.
Computing and storing or transmitting the CRC code of data while it is written
to disk or transmitted over the network, and then using it to verify the
integrity of the data upon read-in or receipt, is a powerful way to guard
against data corruption. While modern disks and networks are highly reliable,
the rate of corruption from malfunctioning software, hardware and external
physical processes remains significant (especially for large data sets).
** Building and installing **
To use the included Autoconf/Automake-based build system, run:
./configure [options]
to see a list of command-line options accepted by 'configure', run:
./configure --help
Then run:
make test
make install
** Building from git **
If you've retrieved the source code directly from the git repository, then
you'll need to generate the initialize the Autoconf/Automake system prior to
building. Run the following in the top-level directory:
autoreconf --install
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