Commit 5dfc4b41 authored by Thomas Applencourt's avatar Thomas Applencourt
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Fix folder creation

parent 41900398
......@@ -50,6 +50,7 @@ opencl_babeltrace_model.yaml: $(srcdir)/gen_babeltrace_cl_model.rb opencl_model.
SRC_DIR=$(srcdir) $(RUBY) $(srcdir)/gen_babeltrace_cl_model.rb > $@
tests/opencl_dummy_trace.yaml: opencl_babeltrace_model.yaml
mkdir -p tests
$(RUBY) $(top_srcdir)/utils/gen_dummy_trace.rb opencl_babeltrace_model.yaml > $@ $(srcdir)/gen_opencl_probes.rb $(srcdir)/opencl_model.rb tracer_opencl.h $(ML_FILES) cl.xml.patched $(srcdir)/opencl_tracepoints.rb $(srcdir)/opencl_wrapper_events.yaml
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