Commit 554a9653 authored by Brice Videau's avatar Brice Videau

Merge branch 'path-3' into 'master'

Only count real memorytransfer

See merge request !5
parents 9ff6142c 7340997c
Pipeline #12179 failed with stage
......@@ -66,7 +66,8 @@ static void clprof_<%= %>_callback(
<%if ("clEnqueue") or"Alloc") ) and dbt_event.fields.key?("size") %>
<%# To do handle Alloc and cl_mem_host_ptr %>
<%if"clEnqueue") and dbt_event.fields.key?("size") %>
memory_trafic[hpt_function_name_t(hostname,process_id, thread_id, "<%= dbt_event.name_striped %>")].delta(size);
<% end %>
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