Commit 0d822a6e authored by Misbah Mubarak's avatar Misbah Mubarak

Adding background traffic pattern based on HPCG miniapp data

parent c0c2e62d
......@@ -33,6 +33,16 @@ and
* Turning on synthetic traffic
- Use runtime option --generate_synthetic = 1
- The allocation file must have a second job with ranks that are not
participating in the collective operation. The synthetic traffic pattern will
run on those remainder ranks.
- By default, we are generating synthetic traffic roughly on the pattern of
hpcg miniapp data provided by NERSC. Each rank generates 11 MB of data per
second. We are currently simulating 2.5 MB of data
transfer in 0.25 seconds of simulated time.
-------------- Example test program -----------------
./src/network-workloads/model-net-dumpi-traces-dump --sync=1
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