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minor fixes to the instructions, turning off the debug mode for MPI Sim layer

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......@@ -23,21 +23,22 @@
----------------- RUNNING CODES MPI SIMULATION LAYER -----------------------
6- Download and untar the DUMPI AMG application trace for 1728 MPI ranks using the following download link:
6- Download and untar the DUMPI AMG application trace for 216 MPI ranks using the following download link:
8- Configure model-net config file (For this example config file is available at
9- Run the DUMPI trace replay simulation on top of model-net using:
(/dumpi-2014-04- is the prefix of the DUMPI trace file.
(/dumpi-2014. is the prefix of the DUMPI trace file.
We skip the last 4 digit prefix of the DUMPI trace files).
./src/network-workloads//model-net-mpi-replay --sync=1
--num_net_traces=1728 --workload_file=/path/to/dumpi/trace/directory/dumpi-2014.
--workload_type="dumpi" --lp-io-dir=amg-1728-trace --lp-io-use-suffix=1
-- ../src/network-workloads/conf/modelnet-mpi-test-dfly-amg-1728.conf
--num_net_traces=216 --workload_file=/path/to/dumpi/trace/directory/dumpi-2014.
--workload_type="dumpi" --lp-io-dir=amg-216-trace --lp-io-use-suffix=1
-- ../src/network-workloads/conf/modelnet-mpi-test-dfly-amg-216.conf
The simulation runs in ROSS serial, conservative and optimistic modes.
......@@ -45,19 +46,9 @@ src/network-workloads/conf/modelnet-mpi-test-dfly-amg-1728.conf)
10- Running the simulation in optimistic mode
mpirun -np 4 ./src/network-workloads//model-net-mpi-replay
--batch=32 --gvt-interval=128 --sync=3
--num_net_traces=13824 --workload_type=dumpi --lp-io-dir=amg_1728-trace
mpirun -np 4 ./src/network-workloads//model-net-mpi-replay --sync=3
--num_net_traces=216 --workload_type="dumpi" --lp-io-dir=amg_216-trace
-- src/network-workloads//conf/modelnet-mpi-test-dfly-amg-1728.conf
---------------- Running Test Program (needs update) --------------------------
11- Run the test program for codes-nw-workload using.
mpirun -np 4 ./src/models/mpi-trace-replay/model-net-dumpi-traces-dump --sync=3 --workload_type=dumpi --workload_file=/home/mubarm/df_traces/df_AMG_n27_dumpi/dumpi-2014. -- ../src/models/mpi-trace-replay/conf/modelnet-mpi-test.conf
The program shows the number of sends, receives, collectives and wait operations in the DUMPI trace log.
Note: If using a different DUMPI trace file, make sure to update the modelnet-mpi-test.conf file in the config directory.
-- src/network-workloads//conf/modelnet-mpi-test-dfly-amg-216.conf
......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@
#define TRACK_LP -1
#define TRACE -1
#define MAX_WAIT_REQS 512
#define DBG_MPI_SIM 0
char workload_type[128];
char workload_file[8192];
......@@ -1183,9 +1184,10 @@ void nw_test_finalize(nw_state* s, tw_lp* lp)
int count_irecv = qlist_count(&s->pending_recvs_queue);
int count_isend = qlist_count(&s->arrival_queue);
# if DBG_MPI_SIM == 1
printf("\n LP %llu unmatched irecvs %d unmatched sends %d Total sends %ld receives %ld collectives %ld delays %ld wait alls %ld waits %ld send time %lf wait %lf",
lp->gid, count_irecv, count_isend, s->num_sends, s->num_recvs, s->num_cols, s->num_delays, s->num_waitall, s->num_wait, s->send_time, s->wait_time);
# endif
written += sprintf(s->output_buf + written, "\n %llu %llu %ld %ld %ld %ld %lf %lf %lf", lp->gid, s->nw_id, s->num_sends, s->num_recvs, s->num_bytes_sent,
s->num_bytes_recvd, s->send_time, s->elapsed_time - s->compute_time, s->compute_time);
lp_io_write(lp->gid, "mpi-replay-stats", written, s->output_buf);
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