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clean up IO sections (hold off on syncio stuff)

parent b8ed6180
......@@ -315,8 +315,6 @@ statistics, but for scalability and data management reasons those results
should be aggregated into a single file rather than producing a separate
file per LP.
TODO: look at ross/IO code and determine how it relates to this.
\subsection{codes-workload generator}
TODO: fill this in. codes-workload is an abstraction layer for feeding I/O
......@@ -335,12 +333,6 @@ global end timestamp for ROSS. The assumption is that CODES models will
normally run to a completion condition rather than until simulation time
runs out, see later section for more information on this approach.
TODO: fill this in. This is the I/O library included with ROSS, based on
phasta I/O library. What are the use cases and how do you use it. Does it
deprecate the lp-io tool?
\section{CODES: reproducability and model safety}
TODO: fill this in. These are things that aren't required for modularity,
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