Commit b2d7138f authored by mubarak's avatar mubarak
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testlib was being defined twice: removing the redundant testlib definition from src/Makefile.subdir

parent 8f1bc070
......@@ -113,7 +113,6 @@ src_libcodes_base_a_SOURCES = \
# stealth testing of the template code (actual test is not run, just compiled as
# a program - Make error signifies test failure)
check_PROGRAMS += src/util/templates/lp_template_dummy_main
testlib = src/libcodes-base.a
src_util_templates_lp_template_dummy_main_LDADD = $(testlib) ${ROSS_LIBS}
src_util_templates_lp_template_dummy_main_LDFLAGS = ${ROSS_LDFLAGS}
src_util_templates_lp_template_dummy_main_SOURCES = \
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