Commit 8a2236ed authored by Jonathan Jenkins's avatar Jonathan Jenkins
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more informative error for failure to find modelnet lps

parent da0413f1
......@@ -491,6 +491,13 @@ static tw_lpid model_net_find_local_device_default(
NULL, &mapping_rep, &mapping_offset);
num_mn_lps = codes_mapping_get_lp_count(group_name, 1,
model_net_lp_config_names[net_id], annotation, ignore_annotations);
if (num_mn_lps <= 0) {
"ERROR: Found no modelnet lps in group %s "
"(source lpid %lu) with network type %s, annotation %s\n",
group_name, sender_gid, model_net_lp_config_names[net_id],
(ignore_annotations) ? "<ignored>" : annotation);
codes_mapping_get_lp_id(group_name, model_net_lp_config_names[net_id],
annotation, ignore_annotations, mapping_rep,
mapping_offset % num_mn_lps, &rtn);
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