Commit 7a7a9070 authored by Jonathan Jenkins's avatar Jonathan Jenkins
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fix mem leak in rc stack

parent ed014c3e
......@@ -63,12 +63,17 @@ void rc_stack_push(
void* rc_stack_pop(struct rc_stack *s){
void * ret = NULL;
rc_entry *ent = NULL;
struct qlist_head *item = qlist_pop_back(&s->head);
if (item == NULL)
"could not pop item from rc stack (stack likely empty)\n");
return qlist_entry(item, rc_entry, ql)->data;
ent = qlist_entry(item, rc_entry, ql);
ret = ent->data;
return ret;
int rc_stack_count(struct rc_stack *s) { return s->count; }
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