Commit 79248f90 authored by Jonathan Jenkins's avatar Jonathan Jenkins
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loggp message size patch for netgauge 2.4.6

parent dc99aa98
== ptrn_loggp-2.4.6.patch
If you are using the most recent version of netgauge at the time of this
writing, 2.4.6, to gather loggp parameters, then you will likely need this patch
to get the results you expect. This version replaced the exponential message
size progression with fixed, linear byte increments of 1K. The patch reverts
this new behavior.
< unsigned long data_size;
> long data_size;
< for (data_size = NG_START_PACKET_SIZE;
< !g_stop_tests && data_size > 0 && data_size <= g_options.max_datasize;
< //get_next_testparams(&data_size, &test_count, &g_options)) {
< data_size+=2*512) {
> for (data_size = g_options.min_datasize; data_size > 0;
> get_next_testparams(&data_size, &test_count, &g_options, module)){
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