Commit 23fceb41 authored by Jakob Luettgau's avatar Jakob Luettgau
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Remove experiments for logs with extremely a large number of name records from test directory.

parent fd5801f5
gcc -g -o test test.c -I ../../../ -I ../../../../ -L ../../../ -ldarshan-util
This test is used to test low-level library functionality.
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <darshan-logutils.h>
int main(int argc, char const* argv[])
darshan_fd fd = darshan_log_open("example.darshan");
// get modules
/* * /
int count;
struct darshan_mod_info* mods = malloc(sizeof(struct darshan_mod_info));
// darshan-logutils.h:259:void darshan_log_get_modules (darshan_fd fd, struct darshan_mod_info **mods, int* count);
darshan_log_get_modules (fd, &mods, &count);
printf("get_modules(): count=%d, &mod_info=%p\n", count, &mods);
/* */
// get name records
struct darshan_name_record_info *nrecs = NULL;
int cnt = 0;
printf("get_name_records(): nrefs=%p, cnt=%d\n", nrecs, cnt);
darshan_log_get_name_records(fd, &nrecs, &cnt);
printf("get_name_records(): nrefs=%p, cnt=%d\n", nrecs, cnt);
struct darshan_name_record_info *wnrecs = NULL;
int wcnt = 0;
darshan_record_id whitelist[] = {123U, 15920181672442173319U, 14734109647742566553U};
int whitelist_cnt = 3;
printf("get_name_filtered_records(): nrefs=%p, cnt=%d\n", wnrecs, wcnt);
darshan_log_get_filtered_name_records(fd, &wnrecs, &wcnt, whitelist, whitelist_cnt);
printf("get_name_filtered_records(): nrefs=%p, cnt=%d\n", wnrecs, wcnt);
return 0;
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import darshan.backend.cffi_backend as backend
log = backend.log_open("example.darshan")
mods = backend.log_get_modules(log)
nrecs = backend.log_get_name_records(log)
# reliable hashes: 15920181672442173319 (stdout), 14734109647742566553 (stdin), 7238257241479193519 (stderr)
selected_nrecs = backend.log_lookup_name_records(log, [15920181672442173319])
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