Commit 164e11fe authored by Francois Tessier's avatar Francois Tessier

Add TODO-list

parent bb61a7a3
- Add Flash-IO as a benchmark (seems to be a F90 code)
- Verify all the benchmarks
* Include and adapt the getopt function (miniHACC-AoS-Tapioca-W.cpp)
* Adapt the running scripts to the binary parameters (getopt)
- Implement the Memory-aware aggregators placement
- Change fprintf to the customized printMsg
- Change tp_network to tp_topology
- Remove the output file in Write/Read API as it's never used
- Write a getopt function to set the subfiling/output/tiers for the benchmarks
* Set aggregation/target tier in TAPIOCA
* File per I/O node on BG/Q == File per OST on Lustre (get the stripe count from tp_network.cpp)
- Ask Silvio for Vl3D for Cooley
- Foreach architecture (copy from Theta?) :
* Change the tiers of memory available: PFS, NLS (node-local storage), NVR, ...
* Function to determine the target storage used according to the output file (i.e. no need for the user to set memTarg)
* The memory abstraction should give the path of the on-node storage's mount point
- Reuse aggregators? Does not work (wrong data read) with HACC-IO, SSF, SoA, while the AoS case works
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