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Two versions of HACC-IO are available. The first one is the standard HACC-IO benchmark based on MPI-IO. A "structure of array" layout has been implemented though. The second one uses the TAPIOCA library as an I/O layer. For each, three files are available: write (W), read (R) and write+read (WR).

* Usage
  ./HACC-IO-<version>-<mode> -p <particles> -o <output directory> -s <subfiling> -l <layout>
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       -p : Number of particles per rank (38B/part., 25K part. ~= 1MB)
       -o : Path of the output directory
       -s : Subfiling method: FPN, FPION, SSF (default)
       -l : Layout: SOA, AOS (default)

Some running scripts are available into the "script" directory.