Commit e9572044 authored by Thomas Uram's avatar Thomas Uram
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Add example Python script for creating a job programmatically

parent 51ff12f7
import sys
import django
from django.conf import settings
from balsam import models
if len(sys.argv)>1:
for i in range(num):
job = models.BalsamJob()
job.job_id = models.BalsamJob.generate_job_id()
job.working_directory = models.BalsamJob.create_working_path(job.job_id) = 'cooley'
#job.job_name = 'helloworld'
#job.job_description = 'helloworld'
#job.origin_id = options['origin_id']
#job.queue = 'default'
#job.project = 'visualization'
job.wall_time_minutes = 30
job.num_nodes = 1
#job.processes_per_node = 1
job.application = 'helloworld'
job.config_file = '/home/turam/'
#job.input_url = options['input_url']
#job.output_url = options['output_url']
print 'Created job',
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