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# HPC Edge Service and Workflow Management System
**Authors:** J. Taylor Childers (Argonne National Laboratory), Tom Uram (Argonne National Laboratory), Doug Benjamin (Duke University), Misha Salim (Argonne National Laboratory)
Balsam is a project run by the ALCF Data Science group, to optimize workflow execution on ALCF systems (and elsewhere). With Balsam, users can easily describe a large campaign of jobs to be run, with varying sizes and interdependencies, and let Balsam manage flowing the jobs out to the target systems. Balsam will stage in necessary inputs, submit jobs to the queues, and stage out specified output files. Users can also control the flow of jobs to prioritize particular workflows or jobs.
For more information about Balsam, visit
# Prerequisites
The user is responsible for providing an environment with Python 3.6 and mpi4py, because the installation is
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