Commit 596c82e6 authored by Michael Salim's avatar Michael Salim
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qsub jobs with tilde (~) expand to $HOME

parent 1a6a0526
......@@ -307,9 +307,10 @@ auto timeout retry: {self.auto_timeout_retry}
def app_cmd(self):
if self.application:
app = ApplicationDefinition.objects.get(name=self.application)
return f"{app.executable} {self.application_args}"
line = f"{app.executable} {self.application_args}"
return self.direct_command
line = self.direct_command
return ' '.join(os.path.expanduser(w) for w in line.split())
def get_children(self):
return BalsamJob.objects.filter(parents__icontains=str(
......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ def main(job_queue, status_queue, lock):
buf = StringIO()
logger.exception("Caught BalsamTransitionError:\n%s", buf.getvalue())
logger.exception("Caught BalsamTransitionError:\n%s\n", buf.getvalue())
logger.exception(f"Marking job {job.cute_id} as FAILED")
buf = StringIO()
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