Commit 546f2309 authored by Michael Salim's avatar Michael Salim
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start FT for user-kill feature (not done yet)

parent 288a4d82
import balsam.launcher.dag as dag
slow_job = dag.BalsamJob.objects.get(name='slow_job')
from mpi4py import MPI
import time
rank = MPI.COMM_WORLD.Get_rank()
if rank == 0: print("Sleeping for a long time...")
if rank == 0: print("Done")
......@@ -863,3 +863,12 @@ class TestThreadPlacement(BalsamTestCase):
class TestUserKill(BalsamTestCase):
def setUp(self):
self.app_path = find_spec("tests.ft_apps.c_apps").origin) = create_app(name='omp')
self.job0 = create_job(name='job0', app='omp', num_nodes=2, ranks_per_node=32, threads_per_rank=2)
self.job1 = create_job(name='job1', app='omp', num_nodes=2, ranks_per_node=64, threads_per_rank=1)
self.job2 = create_job(name='job2', app='omp', num_nodes=1, ranks_per_node=2, threads_per_rank=64, threads_per_core=2)
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