Commit 2935d53a authored by Michael Salim's avatar Michael Salim
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upped timeout for tests on theta

parent d090ce11
......@@ -252,7 +252,8 @@ class MPIEnsembleRunner(Runner):
job.update_state(state, msg) # TODO: handle RecordModified exception"MPIEnsemble {job.cute_id} updated to {state}: {msg}")
except (ValueError, KeyError, InvalidStateError) as e:
logger.error(f"Invalid statusMsg from mpi_ensemble: {line.strip()}")
if 'resources: utime' not in line:
logger.error(f"Invalid statusMsg from mpi_ensemble: {line.strip()}")
retcode = None
if timeout:
......@@ -597,7 +597,7 @@ class TestDAG(BalsamTestCase):
def check():
return all(j.state=='JOB_FINISHED' for j in BalsamJob.objects.all())
success = run_launcher_until(check)
success = run_launcher_until(check, timeout=120)
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