Commit b6807fcc authored by Shane Snyder's avatar Shane Snyder

forgot hdf5 log format header

parent 019fba22
* Copyright (C) 2015 University of Chicago.
* See COPYRIGHT notice in top-level directory.
#include "darshan-log-format.h"
#define HDF5_COUNTERS \
/* count of HDF5 opens */\
/* end of counters */\
#define HDF5_F_COUNTERS \
/* timestamp of first open */\
/* timestamp of last close */\
/* end of counters*/\
#define X(a) a,
/* integer statistics for HDF5 file records */
enum darshan_hdf5_indices
/* floating point statistics for HDF5 file records */
enum darshan_hdf5_f_indices
#undef X
/* file record structure for HDF5 files. a record is created and stored for
* every HDF5 file opened by the original application. For the HDF5 module,
* the record includes:
* - a corresponding record identifier (created by hashing the file path)
* - the rank of the process which opened the file (-1 for shared files)
* - integer file I/O statistics (open, read/write counts, etc)
* - floating point I/O statistics (timestamps, cumulative timers, etc.)
struct darshan_hdf5_file
darshan_record_id f_id;
int64_t rank;
int64_t counters[HDF5_NUM_INDICES];
double fcounters[HDF5_F_NUM_INDICES];
#endif /* __DARSHAN_HDF5_LOG_FORMAT_H */
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