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saving some notes from Florin regarding how to add new counters

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Notes from Florin Isaila re: adding new counters as of 2014/03/06
1. Added the counters in darshan-log-format.h
2. Added the names of the counters in darshan-util/darshan-logutils.c
3. Added the new profiled function declarations (e.g., PMPI_Sent) in
4. Added the new profiled function declarations (e.g., PMPI_Sent) in
- MAP_OR_FAIL(...)
5. Updated the reducer in darshan-runtime/lib/darshan-mpi-io.c in the
static void darshan_file_reduce(void* infile_v,
void* inoutfile_v, int *len,
MPI_Datatype *datatype);
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