Commit f75b4349 authored by Shane Snyder's avatar Shane Snyder
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fortran compiler generator autodetects mpich libs

this functionality is helpful especially on mira/cetus where
the mpich libraries are named depending on the fortran version
and the type of compiler being used (gcc, xl, etc.).
parent 4f1dbfc7
...@@ -286,10 +286,16 @@ print OUTPUT<<"EOF"; ...@@ -286,10 +286,16 @@ print OUTPUT<<"EOF";
rc_cnk_check=\$? rc_cnk_check=\$?
if [ \$rc_cnk_check -eq 0 ] ; then if [ \$rc_cnk_check -eq 0 ] ; then
FMPICH=-lfmpich.cnk FMPICH=-lfmpich.cnk
bgqlib_out=`grep -Po "libmpichf\\S\+\-\\S\+" \$tmpfile 2>/dev/null`
if [ \$rc_bgqlib_check -eq 0 ] ; then
FMPICH=`echo \$bgqlib_out | sed 's/libmpich\\(.*\\)-\\(.*\\).a/-lmpich\\1-\\2/'`
else else
FMPICH=-lfmpich FMPICH=-lfmpich
fi fi
fi fi
rm \$tmpfile >& /dev/null rm \$tmpfile >& /dev/null
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