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updated H5D counter documentation

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......@@ -239,6 +239,7 @@ struct darshan_hdf5_file
* every HDF5 dataset opened by the original application. For the HDF5 module,
* the record includes:
* - a darshan_base_record structure, which contains the record id & rank
* - the Darshan record ID of the file the dataset belongs to
* - integer dataset I/O statistics (open, read/write counts, etc)
* - floating point dataset I/O statistics (timestamps, cumulative timers, etc.)
......@@ -446,7 +446,7 @@ static void darshan_log_print_hdf5_dataset_description(int ver)
printf("# H5D_F_MAX_*_TIME: duration of the slowest H5D read and write operations.\n");
printf("# H5D_F_*_RANK_TIME: fastest and slowest I/O time for a single rank (for shared datasets).\n");
printf("# H5D_F_VARIANCE_RANK_*: variance of total I/O time and bytes moved for all ranks (for shared datasets).\n");
printf("# H5D_FILE_REC_ID: Darshan record ID corresponding to the dataset.\n");
printf("# H5D_FILE_REC_ID: Darshan file record ID of the file the dataset belongs to.\n");
if(ver == 1)
......@@ -417,6 +417,7 @@ value of 1 MiB for optimal file alignment.
| H5D_F_SLOWEST_RANK_TIME | The time of the rank which had the largest amount of time spent in H5D I/O
| H5D_F_VARIANCE_RANK_TIME | The population variance for H5D I/O time of all the ranks
| H5D_F_VARIANCE_RANK_BYTES | The population variance for bytes transferred of all the ranks at H5D level
| H5D_FILE_REC_ID | Darshan file record ID of the file the dataset belongs to
.PnetCDF module
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